The Cafe of Broken Dreams is a elite group of video-gamers, hailing from the pre F2P-era of Team Fortress 2. We play an assortment of video games now and sometimes host events. Most of the time we sit in IRC and complain about how bad video games have become. Join us!

TF2 - Mann vs Machine 0/6 [mvm_decoy]
Team Fortress 2 0/24 [cp_gullywash_final1]
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The bounty hunters, who are gathering in channel "#CAFE", will play freely without fear of risky things. They must create new dreams and films by breaking traditional styles. The work, which becomes a new genre itself, will be called... the CAFE OF BROKEN DREAMS

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Team Fortress 3 - a Blizzard Entertainment Product June 13 - doc

Idly wondering how many people have converted from TF2 over to Overwatch. Because OW is a Blizzard game, there isn't a lot in the way of Steam integration we can pull off here, but we might be able to share some usernames if that's the case.

Are you on Battlenet? Do you want to play with Cafe folks? Leave your handle here or (read: actually do this instead) join the IRC to see if anyone is up for some matches. #cafe

this post was created to give the illusion that Cafe is not dead.
Make no mistake:
Cafe is dead. Long live Cafe

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