The Cafe of Broken Dreams is was a elite group of video-gamers, hailing from the pre F2P-era of Team Fortress 2. We play an assortment of video games now and sometimes host events. Most of the time we sit in IRC Discord and complain about how bad video games have become.

TF2 - Mann vs Machine 0/6 [mvm_sludge_b4_fix1]
Team Fortress 2 0/24 [koth_viaduct]
Discord Cafe of Broken Dreams (text + voice chat)
Cafe SteamGroup @ Steam Community

The bounty hunters, who are gathering in channel "#CAFE", will play freely without fear of risky things. They must create new dreams and films by breaking traditional styles. The work, which becomes a new genre itself, will be called... the CAFE OF BROKEN DREAMS

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the Cafe's Artifact Luncheon January 1 - Scrub

You are invited to attend the Cafe Luncheon!

:vs: What: Artifact constructed swiss tournament. 16 players max.

:notebook: When: January! Games will start on 1/8 but assumed to take a few weeks to finish up. We got other stuff to do you know.

:bag: Where: At your own home, it's a video game.

:conwayshrug: Why: 1st place will get a $5 steam card + # of players, that's $9 right now! There is no cost to enter so first come first serve! But this is Artifact,[] so really it's first come, first and last to get served.

Hop into the Cafe Discord[]
and check the #deal-em-ups channel. It's posted in the title.
Message doc (Scrub) on Steam
and hope I'm: near my computer or logged into Steam.
Wait until the link goes public Friday morning
A group "event" will be created announcing the start of the matches on the 7th, this will include a link to sign up for the tournament.
(edit: it's live: )

We have 4 people entered right now, and a max of 16 players for this first month's tournament. This is just something we're doing for funsies so feel free to bring your most brutal meta deck and crush our dreams for a few bucks.

Cafe Competition Rules
  • it's just a game :caster_mad:
  • let's not waste each other's time :dsfight:
  • jerks beware!! :eh:

A few of us even like to play and talk about Artifact on occasion in the Discord,[] so even if you're not interested in this tournament but perhaps other Artifact goings ons (draft, ad-hoc versus, complaining about cards) you should stop by.

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